About us

Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with over 600 Blu-Rays, DCPs and DVDs authored since 2001, Soluciones DVD's main service has been offering advice to its clients, guiding them at each step of the creative and technical process, facing all the challenges and using all the advantages these formats offer.

Specializing on truly original video animation design, the best video and audio compressing tools available at every moment, Soluciones DVD quickly positioned itself as one of the top Authoring and Mastering studios among videographic, discographic and multimedia production companies. (see our list of clients)

Technology has changed, moved forward. The way we treat our clients still remains the same.

General Director: Enrique Londaits

Authoring manager, Design and Animation: Patricio Londaits

Design and Animation: Wanda Fleming


Blu-Ray, DCP & DVD Authoring, Re-Authoring and Enhanced CD (CD-E)

Digital publications for iPad and mobile devices.

Original Motion, Pop-up and Still menus created from scratch for each individual project.

The best of the current tools for Video and Audio encoding (SD and HD)

Video acquisition and encoding for streaming, downloadable and portable formats.

Ongoing interaction with the client, in person or online throughout the whole creative proccess.

Access to a wide range of subtitling professionals to handle all languages. Foreign language dubbing.

Complementary DVD mastering services, Logo removal/insertion, DLT copying, Master de-regionalization, Subtitling, Audio restoration and mastering. Dolby Digital True HD and DTS-HD Surround audio encoding, Bluray & DVD Duplication and Replication.


  • AVH San Luis SRL
  • Warner Music Argentina
  • EMI Odeón Argentina
  • Universal Music Argentina
  • Sony - BMG Argentina
  • ESPN Sur
  • TyC Sports
  • GLD - International DVD Group
  • Gema Films
  • Buenos Aires Producciones
  • Pelo Music
  • Editorial Planeta DeAgostini
  • Pinball
  • Cinesur
  • Matanza Cine
  • Magoya Films
  • Pachamama Films
  • Whirlpool Argentina
  • Tranquilo Producciones
  • Amauta Lab

and others.

Authoring work:

  • Relatos salvajes - Damián Szifrón (DCP)
  • Muerte en Buenos Aires - Natalia Meta (DCP)
  • El Cerrajero - Natalia Smirnoff (DCP)
  • Algunos días sin música - Matías Rojo (DCP)
  • Ciencias naturales - Matías Lucchesi (DCP)
  • Al fin del mundo - Franca González (DCP)
  • Metegol (DVD)
  • Betibú (DVD)
  • Wakolda (DVD)
  • Mujer Lobo (DCP)
  • Samurai (DCP)
  • Mercedes Sosa (DCP)
  • El Gran Simulador (DCP)
  • Germania (DCP)
  • Nena, saludame al Diego (DCP)
  • Boxing Club (DCP)
  • ¡Vivan las Antípodas! (DCP)
  • Villegas (DCP)
  • El Sol (DCP)
  • Un amor (DCP)
  • Las mariposas de Sadourni (DCP)
  • La tierra de los padres (DCP)
  • El secreto de sus ojos (Bluray)
  • Miguel Mateos - Primera Fila (Bluray)
  • Jorge Rojas en concierto (Bluray)
  • Divididos - Audio y agua (Bluray)
  • Felicitas (Bluray)
  • Corta (DCP)
  • El ojo del tiburón (DCP)
  • Los Marziano (DVD)
  • La mirada invisible (DVD)
  • Las viudas de los jueves (DVD)
  • Sin retorno (DVD)
  • Boogie el Aceitoso (DVD 3D)
  • Fase 7 (DVD)
  • Biutiful (DVD)
  • La casa muda (DVD)

and many others.

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